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If you are looking for cheap car rental in Brisbane, you have come to the right place! At Bargain Rent a Car, we have what you need to feel confident and fully informed about your car rental in Brisbane.

You can’t go wrong at Bargain Rent a Car with our easy to use online booking system. You won’t find another car rental booking service in Brisbane with our unbeatable customer service and reliable cars for such an affordable price.

Bargain Rent a Car is a local family run and owned company that takes pride in superior customer service and offering reliable cars at the best price. You won’t be disappointed when you choose to book a car through us at Bargain Rent a Car.

Looking for a Cheap Deal?

We have amazing prices on a wide range of vehicles!

Whether you are a local or a visitor arriving from overseas or interstate, everyone loves a good deal on their rental car and at Bargain Rent a Car, we pride ourselves on providing the most cost-effective car hire booking service in Brisbane and around Australia and around the world.

With the range of vehicle sizes, makes and models we have available to book, you are bound to find the car you need right here at the right price. From compact hatchbacks and sedans to vans, every make and model you may wish to hire while you are in Brisbane is available here.


Flying into Brisbane? Book a Car through Us for a Great Price!

Renting a car from Brisbane airport can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are flying into Brisbane for work or pleasure, Bargain Rent a Car is a great booking option, offering superior service at an affordable price.

Our range of brands and models are available at unbelievable prices and you will receive excellent customer service that rivals all other companies. We also take the hassle out of renting a car with a friendly and fast service that our customers rave about.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]


Get a Quote or Book Your Hire Car Quickly and Easily

Our online quote and booking process is so easy to use. All of the details you need to make an informed decision about the car you will be booking is just a click away. Just enter your details including your pick up and return date and time to receive a list of vehicle choices and prices to choose from instantly.

If you are seeking to compare prices, a quote with all of the details you need will be sent to your email address. If you are happy with your quote and you are ready to make a booking, follow the on-screen prompts to secure your booking.

It really is that easy to book your cheap car rental in Brisbane!

Our Rental Vehicles

Whether you are looking for a car to take on an epic road trip up or down the coast or if you just need a vehicle for a day or two that you can use to get around the city, we have the right vehicle booking option for you.

We offer some of the most cost-effective car hire bookings in Brisbane.

We also provide leading car brands including Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford for you to choose from.

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The process of booking a vehicle with us is always casual, friendly and hassle free.

Don’t waste your time and money booking a car from one of the car rental giants where you are treated like just another number. At Bargain Rent a Car, we are a local company who cares about our customers and we always go out of our way to provide the very best service and selection of cars to suit all budgets and needs.

We also know how important it is to book your vehicle as quickly as possible which is why we always strive to provide an efficient service, to get you booked sooner.

No Hidden Costs or

When you book your car, you can be sure that the vehicle you receive will match the one you have booked at the price you were quoted. No hidden costs or surprises here.

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You will receive exactly what you book for including any extras you have requested in your booking.

Customer Preferred and Trusted Cheap Car Rental Booking Brisbane

Our customers tell us that we are the best place to book a car in Brisbane, and you will too once you experience our great service and unbelievable rates! We always receive positive feedback from our customers who keep coming back to us time and time again. Check out our customer comments for yourself to see some of the great feedback we receive.

The process is fast, friendly, easy and hassle free!

Although our cheap rates draw customers in, our quality customer service keeps them coming back, and when you book a car with us for yourself, you will understand why!

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Gold Coast!

Need a cheap rental car booking on the Gold Coast?

Visitors and Gold Coast locals alike will be able to take advantage of our services and great car rental prices with Bargain Rent a Car providing bookings on the Gold Coast.

Book Your Cheap Car Rental Brisbane Online Today!

Bargain Rent a Car is an honest, independent, friendly and efficient, family owned company who has been offering convenient and cheap car rental booking services to budget conscious travellers and families since 1991.

You can’t beat our exceptional rates and hassle free customer service, so why not Contact us today and book your cheap car rental Brisbane online

With unbeatable customer service and a great price to match, when you make a car rental booking with us, you will discover for yourself why Bargain Rent a Car is your best choice for cheap car rental bookings in Brisbane.